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Soul Space

Soul space is an empowering movement founded by Miriam and Gerry Hussey that focuses on raising consciousness, awakening inner potential and inspiring greater health and performance through integrative Mind, Body and Soul Programs, Speaking engagements and events. 


What is
Soul Space?

At Soul Space, we are passionate about growing awareness and awakening our clients to how they can best live and thrive in our modern world, in a more healthy and prosperous way.

We believe a new era of consciousness is awakening, and it is important that we allow our awareness, knowledge and understanding of how the mind, body and soul are directly linked and connected to the development of our emotional, physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

The collective ethos behind all of our Soul Space events and programs aim to help you discover the components to create an energized body, an awakened mind and an Inspired spirit.

We believe consistent and repeatable Human Health and Performance becomes achievable when we develop and maintain holistic wellness, vitality, resilience and self-belief.

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