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Welcome to Soul Space The Inner Circle

An exclusive transformative program that offers a holistic approach to personal growth, health, and performance, providing members with the tools, support, and inspiration they need to thrive in all aspects of their lives.


What is Soul Space The Inner Circle?

This once in a lifetime Soul Space Inner Circle coaching experience is available for a limited number of people only, to dive deep into a coaching experience that will change your life and expand your consciousness.


This Inner Circle will be a supportive and nurturing community designed to help individuals cultivate a deeper sense of well-being, confidence, resilience and inner peace in their daily lives.

It's an online coaching program, that contains Integrative Coaching, Meditations and Insightful resources for personal growth and development to balance your nervous system, rewire your thinking patterns, Ignite a soulful way of living and bring more joy, clarity and confidence to both your professional and personal life.

What does the Membership Include?

See below the many benefits of becoming a Soul Space Inner Circle Member

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Soul Space Inner Circle

Monthly Soul Sanctuary Sessions

Monthly live webinar hosted by Miriam/Gerry


Soul Sanctuary Sessions

This coaching workshop will focus on a specific theme / topic each month. These sessions will be backed with expert knowledge, up to date science and lived experience. 

Included in each workshop will be:


  • Live Q&A sessions with Miriam / Gerry where members can ask questions, receive personalised advice, and deepen their understanding on various health, wellbeing, performance and personal development topics. 

  • Live Meditation and Soul Sanctury Space for monthly reflection, inward soul excavation, goal setting and mindful visualisation. 

  • Workshop webinar will be hosted on zoom, will run for 90mins and will be recorded.

Soul Space Inner Circle

Powerful focused weekly emails

Powerful focused weekly emails direct to your inbox containing: 


  • A Coaching Inspirational Thought for the week (an audio file with words of wisdom and insights from Miriam / Gerry) direct to your ears with a focused them and topic for each week. 

  • Written text / excerpts and quotes of inspiration to keep you focused and on track each week 

  • Weekly Journaling Prompts and Reflection exercises on certain topics to help develop greater health, resilience courage and confidence and specific tools to help you manifest your dreams

  • Weekly breathwork practice to help rebalance and realign your nervous system and develop greater Inner ease, emotional intelligence and peace of mind. 


Soul Space Inner Circle

Bi-weekly Meditations

Bi-weekly Meditations guided and curated by Miriam and Gerry to enhance healing, build confidence, boost performance, and cultivate Inner peace.


These will be sent directly to your inbox and can also be accessed via the exclusive Soul Space Inner Circle members lounge so you can listen to anytime.

Soul Space Inner Circle

Additional Benefits

​Other benefits of being part of this exclusive Soul Space Inner Circle include:

  • Access to the Soul Space Inner Lounge (membership area) - here you will have access to our audio inspirational coaching wisdom messages (thoughts for the week) as well as the healing meditations from Miriam and Gerry

  • Access to valuable resources and tools to enhance your health, resilience, and confidence

  • Exclusive discounts on various courses, workshops hosted by Miriam and Gerry, as well as priority booking for events and programs.

  • Opportunities for members to connect with each other, share experiences, and build a supportive community of like-minded individuals on the same journey towards holistic well-being.

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