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Coming Home

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Coming Home

National Concert Hall, Dublin

November 10th 2024

Soul space presents "Coming home" our upcoming immersive event in the National ConcertHall Dublin, November 10th, 2024.

Soul Space, hosted by unrivalled minds and world leading voices in Human health and performance Gerry and Miriam Hussey, will deliver a truly transformative day, focusing on their integrated approach to human health and performance.

“Coming Home’, will be a truly transformative and insightful experience where you will get to pause, let go and begin again.

“Coming Home” will be a day that will:

  • Enable you to refocus and re energise your life for greater clarity and confidence

  • Cultivate sustainable inner peace even in a world with so many external challenges

  • Empower you with the tools and practices to let of self-limiting beliefs and develop a breakthrough mindset to allow you to rise and thrive

  • Come home to your authentic self

During this unforgettable day, you will be immersed in an inspiring and healing experience that will open the heart, nourish the soul and awaken your sense of calm.

“Coming home” will allow you to be transported to a serene and safe space, where time stands still, allowing you to be immersed in a healing journey of meditations, music and sound.

A day not to be missed.

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