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Gerry Hussey

Gerry is a number one best selling author, speaker, executive coach, and  facilitator in the field of human health performance ,  team development and corporate leadership.  

Gerry has been at the forefront of building high performance teams and individuals in Olympic and Professional, sport and corporate organisations. His vast experience has seen him prepare and lead teams for success at Olympic Games, Heineken cups, World cups, and World and European championships.

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Using cutting edge neuroscience and integrated performance techniques, Gerry has worked with some of the world’s most successful organisations, professional sport teams and individuals for over twenty years, he excels in helping clients develop effective leadership strategies and create high-performance cultures that thrive even in the most challenging environments. 

All of our engagements are designed to foster a motivated and high performing work force that will equip your employees with the necessary mindset and emotional wellness tools to excel both personally and professionally. 

By addressing the holistic well-being of your team our sessions, will guide participants in developing greater resilience, mental fitness ,self awareness to cultivate a growth mindset and a highly cohesive team. 

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